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August 05 2012

[Video]: 5Desire interviewed Mr Vuong Vu Thang from VCCorp

Success of a startup does not base on only one or two opportunities. It is based on the solid foundation, the ability and capability of startup to recognize and realize the opportunities.

Mr. Vuong Vu Thang is the Founder and Deputy General Director of Vietnam Communication Corporation (VCC). His success in developing VCC to be the leading new-media company in Vietnam backed from the early days when he founded the first and largest online community TTVNOL from a garage-start-up in 2000. This community was the foundation of various social network sites for VCC in late 2000s. 

After founding this network, he founded the first online media & news portal Tintucvietnam in 2003, later on transformed into the top 2 online news in Vietnam, Dantri. This is the landmark for the booming of internet content in Vietnam in the last decade. He was then the founder of Mobicom in 2005, the first private companies in mobile value added services and internet contents, which was the former body of the VCC firm today. 

As a born-to-be-leader, Vuong Vu Thang has been the first mover in all the emerging sectors of the internet in Vietnam including media content, social network, mobile content & services, and ecommerce, making VCC the innovative leader of Vietnam’s internet & media industry. As the technology brain-leader, he has been the chief architect of key-driver technologies in Vietnam in the last 10 years including CMS, key portal technologies, cloud computing… 

Vuong Vu Thang holds BSc degree with honors in Computer Science as the No. 1 distinguished graduate among 5 universities of Hanoi National University in 2001. He was the first prize winners of various IT competition awards in Vietnam including National Youth IT Award and Vietnam Intellectual Award. He has been practicing Tibetan Zen for the last 5 years and being the first Rinpoche (Zen Master in Tibetan) in Vietnam accredited by International Buddhists Association.