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May 03 2019

Ms. Pham Le Nguyen spoke about Raising Fund Internationally at Circo

May 2019, Ms. Pham Le Nguyen was the speaker at Circo event "Raising Fund Internationally", introducing about Unkapt platform. She was happily sharing about fund raising with audience. 

Pham Le Nguyen - Circo Smile


The whole room was crowded and very focus.

Circo Filled


People were reading about Unkapt's program for SMEs

Circo Reading


The speaker was very passionate to talk about investment 

Pham Le Nguyen - Passionate


She was listening to questions from audience.

Circo Dat


A lot of questions from the audience 

Circo Question


They wanted to know more about calling investment from oversea investors.

Circo Question


And how Unkapt can help them to raise fund.

Circo Question


Discussing together 

Circo Question


And discussing after the event

Circo Question