When: 6.00 pm - 8h30 pm.
Where: IT Centre of Cuture and Information Ministry - 20/2 Hoa Lu - Hai Ba Trung Dis. - Hanoi.
Main Investor: Ryotaro Nakayama - Cyber Agent Ventures Vietnam
Startup: Palm & Uyen Vu - Eat.vn
Topic: E-commerce Investment - Eat.vn's Story of Success.

In 01.08.2012, the M&A between VC Corp and eat.vn was officially anounced.  The food delivery market in Vietnam is so competing with so many players like vietnammm.com, anvat4h.com, but eat.vn is the winner in the race to receive investment from VC Corp. It is also the first investment of VC Corp after they get invesment from Intel.

So what is the secret of eat.vn? What do Investors look for in a startup? What did 5DESIRE do in the process of negotiations between eat.vn and VC Corp? These questions will be answered in the event Investment Hour, organized by 5DESIRE, with the topic: Investing in eCommerce -  Eat.vn's Story of success.

The main investor of the program is
Ryotaro Nakayama (Rio Naka), the head of Hanoi office of Cyber ​​Agent Ventures. Rio will share audience a new perspective about  online investment in Vietnam, focusing in e-commerce market.

The event will be organized in August 17, 2012 at the IT Centre of Cuture and Information Ministry - 20/2 Hoa Lu - Hai Ba Trung Dis. - Hanoi.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Softline Ventures Partners, VCCorp and P.T.T solutions.

Participate in the program fee: 100,000 VND (this amount is fully paid for meals and location.
Note:The main language used in the program is English.
To join the event, please fill out the application form here, the organizers will respond via email with you.
(*) Location in Lane 2 Hoa Lu, near Van Ho Exhibition next to the intersection of Le Dai Hanh street.