Thursday, 5th May, 2011.

Main speaker:
Rita Nguyen - Product & Marketing Director at Skunkworks.


MF Cafe - 25 Ngo Van So, Hanoi.

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It is no surprise that the gaming industry has experienced explosive growth over the past decade. It is expected that worldwide gaming sales will top $70 billion by 2015. Games are infiltrating every aspect of our daily life from rewards to badges to just plain bragging rights and Gartner estimates that 50% of innovation will be gamified by 2015.

So how does gamification work for your non-gaming business? How to develop the community using gamification?

Come and join Rita Nguyen (Pruduct & Marketing Director at Skunkworks) as she talks about how using game-like mechanics can increase the engagement of your community and drive your business. And see how companies like LinkedIn, Coca Cola and FourSquare are gamifying. Going beyond just the theory of gamification, Rita will also introduce tools and platforms currently available so your company can also get into the game effectively.