Thursday, 2nd June, 2011.

Main Speaker:

- Mr. Vuong Quang Khai - Vice Director of VNG Corporation.
- Mr. Vo Bang Phan - Vice Director of VTC Online.


MF Cafe - 25 Ngo Van So, Hanoi.

Any business, no matter how big it is, may experience the very first stage: focusing on developing the first core products and services. However, when the business develop, the number of employees rises and revenue begins to be generated, everything changes. Principles, entrepreneurial sense as well as working styles at the “start-ups” stage fade less or more, making room for the regulation and profession. However, accompanying with it may be the slackness and passive management apparatus. After 12 years of Google’s explosive growth, new CEO (also co-founder) of Google – Larry Page – stated that he wanted to manage Google as the way it was managed at its beginning (1999) to stimulate innovation and creativeness.

Hence, what is “start-up sense”? How important it is in big businesses? How do we maintain “start-up sense” in big businesses and at what level is enough? 5DESIRE event in June gives you a networking event with invited guests:
Vuong Quang Khai – Vice-director at Vinagame and Vo Bang Phan – Vice-director at VTC Online.