Monday, 31st October, 2011.

Main Speaker:
Mr. Vuong Vu Thang - Vice Director at VC Corporation.

Puku Cafe - 16 Tong Duy Tan, Hanoi.
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Several years ago, Mr. Vuong Vu Thang was considered to be a young man with ambition, ideal, indulgence in Start-up and desire for success. At presenct, he is known as a successful Vice- Director of a communication firm with million-user products. However, what people think of Vuong Vu Thang is HAPPINESS, what they feel of him is CALM and both happiness and calm are not derived from SUCCESS as people have thought about him before.

People rarely know that the way to success of Vuong Vu Thang was so rough. He went bankrupt three times and then built up his own career with his bare hands. To him, mistakes, failures and growing up are precious lessons of life which help him understand the true value of happiness.

Joining 5DESIRE event in October named "Converse with Vuong Vu Thang", Vuong Vu Thang will bring you stories about his life-experiences to overcome difficult moments and obtain happiness and calm. Through this special 5Desire event, we hope that could bring you a chance to converse with this successful man to share your own difficulties you are facing up with and listen to his stories which may give you TRUE VALUE to solve your problems.