When: 18h00 - 20h30, 07th June, 2012.

Main investor:
Mr. Vuong Vu Thang and Mr. Nguyen The Tan - Vice Director of VC Corporation.

Information and Technology Center - Ministry of culture sports and tourism, 20/2 Hoa Lu, Hanoi.

Investment Hour
is a program organized in order to build bridges between startup business and potential investors, support and develop potential business in Information and Communication Technologies Industry in Vietnam.

The main investors in the first Investment Hour are Mr. Nguyen The Tan and Vuong Vu Thang – 2 Vice Directors at VC Corporation
who have a lot of experiences in building VC Corporation into the present communication empire with successful investment into some famous online products such as: kenh14.vn, linkhay,com, tratu.vn... In addition, this event also has the presence of other potential investors from IDG, Vatgia.com, CMC Fund, Cyber Agent Ventures, Tech Innovation Fund, … and a lot of respected business leaders in ICT community.

If you either concern about ICT Industry in Vietnam or have a business idea and need to find potential partnerships, playing a role as a attendant will bring you chances to build partnership with ICT Startups and potential investors which will give you cooperative opportunities in the future. We hope that the inquiry session of Investment Hour will bring attendants basic and useful knowledges about persuading skills so that you can make chances for yourself in the future.

Each Investment Hour event has  the schedule:
           18h00 - 18h30: Check-in and networking.
           18h30 - 19h00: Q&A with the main speaker.
           19h00 - 20h30: Inquiry session between 3 selected startups and main investors. 

If you are building an online business and in need of finding investors to deploy business activities, Apply HERE. We will lead you through an interview and selection process before introducing you with investors in Investment Hour.

We woud like to thank VCCorp, VTC Academy and Vatgia for the Gold Sponsor, thank Topica for support, thank OSP for location sponsor and GenK for Media sponsor. 

Contact for sponsor: hapm@5desire.com

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