Time: 5pm on Saturday, 31st May, 2014
Venue: Hub.IT - 203 Tungshing Square - 2 Ngo Quyen -  Hà Nội
Speaker: Peter Kraus - Founder CEO of Interwoven
Topic: How to be comfortable in your own shoes

You are cordially invited to our discussion "HOW TO BE COMFORTALBE IN YOUR OWN SHOES?" 

Exceptional leaders establish sales goals and profit objectives and they hire and enlist professionals to implement easy to schedule and measure tasks and continuously adjust the approach by comparing outcomes to understandable key performance indications. To sleep on a windy night and be comfortable in your own shoes you have to know why what you are going to do will result in the objectives you seek.

Peter Kraus is CEO and business guru of Interwoven, a business consulting firm in Southern California. For the past thiry-five years Mr. Kraus has advised, coached, and mentored over 10,000 business professionals. The sum total of his contribution is over 7.5 trillion dollars in economic impact. 

It is an opportunity to get consultant from a world-class business mind to solve your business challenges in an open and sharing event. Prepare yourself with any questions and business cases you need Peter's consult.

Peter Kraus is an instructor of the "Customer Relationship Management" course in the Vietnam Executive MBA, University of Hawaii. 

The Seminar is co-organized by 5Desire, Hatch! and Vietnam Executive MBA, University of Hawaii, hosted in Hub.IT

- Fee for the event is 100,000VND used to serve tea break in 30 minute networking before the seminar.

- Dress code: Business casual.

- Language: English