Joe Lonsdale talk on FBNC

Fri , Ngày 21/02/2014

9pm & 11pm on 21 Feb 2014, 9am & 11:30 am on 22nd Feb - FBNC Channel

Thank you for your interest in 5DESIRE's activities. 5DESIRE event with Joe Lonsdale on 3/1/2014 in HCMC, will be broadcast on FBNC at 9PM & 11PM today (21/02/2014) and repeated at 9AM & 11:30AM tomorrow (22/02/2014).

Joe co-founded a technology startup in 2004 that is currently valued at $9 billion USD. Joe is currently running a VC firm with Korean Chaebol LG Group’s descendant - Brian Koo with the mission to invest across Asia and the US. Prior that, Joe worked at Paypal and was the key player at a $5 billion USD hedge fund. He is a young successful entrepreneur that even people in Silicon Valley wish to meet.

After the event, Joe expressed his special interest to Vietnam. He will, together with 5DESIRE, invest in Vietnam tech startups and do various activities to push the development of Vietnam technology industry.