Rio Naka - Main Investor of Investment Hour in August

Tue , Ngày 14/08/2012

The main investor of Investment Hour in August is Rio Naka- an experienced investor of Cyber Agent. Coming to this event, Rio will share the investment perspective of Cyber Agent in Vietnam in general and in ecommerce sector also. 

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About Rio Nakayama

After joined CyberAgent Inc., Mr. Nakayama worked as a cooperating with major companies and investment business at president office.In October 2006, he joined start up member of the “media alliance company” which creating business with major companies. After making his business’s profit increse over 6M USD, in July 2010, he joined CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. He worked as a VC for domestic venture companies and supported their management of business. October 2010, he became in charge of investment activities and management support to venture companies in Vietnam. During his Vietnam days, investments to over 7 company has already been done.

About CyberAgent Ventures Vietnam

About CyberAgent Ventures Vietnam
CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. - The subsidiary of CyberAgent Group, Inc. officially went into operation in Vietnam since 12/2008 and have been searching for  investment opportunities in ICT potential companies. Currently, the CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. invests in the business enterprise in internet services such as Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Online Media (Online Media, Portal) Online Games (Online Games, Mobile Game) Online Advertising (Online Advertising ), value-added services mobile (Mobile Contents) and other services. The CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. is conducting investment activities in Japan (Tokyo), China (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen), Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh), Indonesia (Jakarta), Channel Taiwan (Taipei) and will expand to other countries in Asia.