5Desire Seed Fund

Tue , Ngày 07/08/2012

With experiences working with a lot of Startups in Vietnam, 5Desire has noticed that Startups in the first stage always meet 2 major problems: How to develop a product which users are interested in and how to get capital. Startups is not always able to meet up to 2 key factors mentioned above to develop to the later stage. 5Desire Seed fund was established with the mission to help startups overcome initial difficulties and make products bringing a lot of values to the community.


What is 5Desire Seed fund?

5Desire seed fund is a Incubator program lasting in 6 months that includes:

  • The fund:  Investment opportunities to receive from 200,000,000 VND (two hundred million Vietnam dong) to 400,000,000 VND (four hundred million Vietnam dong). Especially, excellent Startups will have opportunities to get investment up to 1,000,000,000 VND (one billion Vietnam dong) during the incubator process.
  • Consultant: Consultant time from a lot of experts in Information and Communications Technology Industry (ICT).
  • Founder dinner: Some sharing sessions with experienced entrepreneurs in the ICT sector.
  • Investment Hour:  Direct access to meetings with investors to learn about investors.
  • Demo Day: A large program in order to introduce products of enterprises in the seed fund programs to the public and investors. There is an opportunity to reach out to investors with an investment to $2 million in this program.

Why should Startups participate in 5Desire Startup Seed fund?

  • Having opportunities to receive seed investment fund from the beginning.
  • Be consulted by a lot of experts that has extensive experiences  in marketing and business issues.
  • Be trained by some entrepreneurs, experts, reputable characters in the ICT sector in Vietnam as well as all over the world.
And above all, this is an opportunity to make your dreams, ideas come true with a firm foundation and basis.

Being the first seed fund program in Vietnam, 5Desire believes that this program will bring a solid start for startups to develop in the future.

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For more information, contact us via: contact@5desire.com