[Chapter 1] Interview VCCorp about Investment

Fri , Ngày 20/04/2012

Chapter 1: Overview of the market.

In this article, representatives at VC Corporation are 2 Vice Director: Vuong Vu Thang (ThangVV) and Nguyen The Tan (TanNg) will point out 5 trends and 2 declines of market in 2012, opportunities for Startups,  funds of investment and identifies of VCCorp about investment and investment plans of VCCorp in the coming year.



Ques 1
:  According to VCCorp identities, which key sectors will ICT market trends concentrate on developing?

According to VC  assessment, 2012 will have 04  strongly developing key sectors, they are ECommerce, Web Game & Social Game, Mobile Apps & Mobile Game, Vertical News, and some new trends in the world.

  • Now, ECommerce was specially concerned by investors, big enterpreuneurs as well as startups in Vietnam. Ecommerce market there still have a lot of difficulties and limited possibilities to succeed. However, the face that a lot of objects put effort in deploying them in 2012 will make this market much more vibrant and help Vietnam Ecommerce promote to  new heights so that can create a lot of new opportunities.
  • Mobile Apps and Mobile Game will develop by help of ripe development of IPhone and Android on 2012. The reducing of Smart Phones’ cost promotes the number of users. 3G, wifi wide coverage make Smartphone much more useful. The delivery and payment on the Smartphone is also much easier than the way going through telco. Some unreasonable cost of proprietary network is completely lifted because you can use payment gateway and credit cards on the mobile. Now proprietary and stagnative barriers are destroyed by the appearance of SmartPhone
  • Despite the fact that in foreign countries online newspapers are generally saturated and recessed, in Vietnam, only the plaque of mass online newspapers are saturated, the plaque of newspaper with vertical content are still scarce. This fact will become opportunities for people who want to concentrate on developing content in next 1-2 years.

Ques 2:
And what are the setback sectors that Startups should not be involved?


  • In spite of difficulties of access Facebook from Vietnam, Social network market has been dominated by FAcebook . The evidence is some developing social networks in Vietnam are tend to decline. Banbe is about to be closed, Go.vn hasn’t got any significant results, the same to ZingMe. Even CEO of VNG Le Hong Minh also acknowledged that officers are using Facebook and be worried that in 5 years VNG could be wiped out by this Social Network.
  • General public News has had some “Big Brother” company that had set their own position and  it takes Startups about 4-5 years to reach and stand firm that positon. It is unequal battle when Startups has to build operating system completely from scratch.
In stead of trying to deal with too strong Facebook or jump to saturated online newspaper plaque, Startups should reserve resources, time and effort for other creatice ideas.

(To be continued)