Slide Presentations of 3 Startup Projects attending Investment Hour in June

Fri , Ngày 15/06/2012

Investment Hour in June with the participation of three Startups: IPNet, iSMS, and the main Investor Vuong Vu Thang & Nguyen Tan - Deputy Director of Communications Corporation of Vietnam (VCCorp ). In this article, 5DESIRE will present slide presentations of aforementioned Startups.

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. is a website providing food online services the restaurant for busy people. According to Nguyen Van Tri - leader of the project team, implementing since 2011 has partnered with over 150 restaurants in Hanoi and initially attracted the attention of customer cuisine. The business model of also the model that Rocket Internet - German Internet company has invested heavily in e-commerce in Asia - would like to deploy in the coming time in Vietnam. With the development of clear direction, attending this June Investment Hour, hope for investment and corporating opportunities with VC Corp and potential investors attending the program.

Slide Presentation of

iSMS: iSMS is a company that provides electronic contacts services between families and schools through SMS. Recruiting a lot of technical talents, iSMS has succeeded in providing a simple and highly effective for both the school and parents. Officially launched from T7/2011, iSMS has stable earnings and rapid growth with significant customer set. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - iSMS project leader shared that at the beginning, he has developed projects without calling too early investment. The aim of his attendance in Investment Hour in June is looking for partners to together put up iSMS a new development.

Slide presentation of iSMS

IPNet: Software compression project in Vietnam (IPNet) provides data compression solutions with a high proportion website that does not degrade the image/data quality. You can try the demo of Ipnet here. Reducing the cost of bandwidth, increasing transmission speed are what IPNet brings you. According to Nguyen Dinh Nam - the project leader, IPNet has been built over three years to revive from many die. In next six months, IPNet expected to officially launch the product. With the participation of VC Corp as the main investor of Investment Hour in June, IPNet is  finding investment and corporating opportunities to put up IPNet a new development.

[Investment Hour] IPNet Introduction
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Slide presentation of IPNet