Mr Nguyen The Tan - Vice Director of VC Corp

Tue , Ngày 05/06/2012

Mr Nguyen The Tan, Vice Director of Vietnam Communications Corporation (VC Corp), is the Main Investor of the 1st Investment Hour on 7th June 2012 in Hanoi.

Nguyen The Tan Deputy General Director Mr. Nguyen The Tan is the Deputy General Director of Vietnam Communication Corporation (VCC). Owning unparallel know-how in internet monetization through innovative business models and constant optimizing operational processes, he has driven the fast growth business outcomes of VCC through continuous annual 100%+ growth in advertising, mobile services and ecommerce revenue in the last 4 years at VCC.

Being the forward thinker in online/mobile product development and creative distribution network for internet start-up, he has built the largest content networks and online ads networks in Vietnam through VCC’s products and its affiliates, with unique optimized web-based online ads technology. By introducing continuous-improvement of eCommerce’s products, he has been transforming ‘classic’ commercial merchants and buyers into early-adopters then champions for eCommerce and electronic transactions in Vietnam.

Before joining VCC, Nguyen The Tan was the vice director of the largest telco in Vietnam, Viettel Fixed Telecom, in charge of penetrating Viettel internet and fixed lines nationwide to win market shares over the incumbent VNPT. Before Viettel Telecom, he was the division director at the leading software and system integration company, CMC, and successfully built the e-library solutions and expand the distribution of various CMC’s software and solutions to mass market.

Nguyen The Tan graduated from Moscow State University, Russia, with an Master of science in physics and mathematics. He earned Master in Public Administration degree at Universite de Libre de Bruxelle, Belgium. He is a popular online reviewer and social writer of new trends in internet industry and management best practice.