Co-Working Space Members

Thu , Ngày 28/06/2012

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Mr. Arky at Mozilla.

  Blog; Twitter: @playingwithsid

works at Mozilla, and is currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam. His responsibilities include localization coordination and
IDN support. He is also the ICT Advisor at the Vietnamese Union of Friendship Organisation (VUFO)-NGO Resource Centre, and a NIXI fellow.

Arky is a retired systems administrator who participates in the development of a variety of open source software, and is interested in bridging the gap between the hacker and business spheres of the Internet. More generally, Arky leads a nomadic lifestyle and enjoys finding exotic food, including insects, and craft beer along his travels.

Mr. Philip
Arthur Moore at Automattic Inc.

 Blog, Twitter: @philip_arthur

Philip Arthur Moore works as a Theme Wrangler at Automattic Inc. His job as a Theme Wrangler mostly entails spending a great deal of time making, breaking, fixing, and thinking about WordPress themes with the coworkers.   

From 2009 to 2011 he worked at
Graph Paper Press as a WordPress theme developer and “support guy” alongside D.C.-based Thad Allender, Kathmandu-based Chandra Maharzan, and Mexico City-based Rick AldayPrior to working in companies he was a freelance front-end web developer who specialized in WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web typography.

He was born and raised in the USA but spent most of his time in limbo between the United States and Vietnam. He told that much of his world view had been shaped by his upbringing in a multiracial and multicultural household and his experiences living in Vietnam.

Mr. Ilya Mozzhukhin at Game Insight.

 Twitter: @DrMo3g

Ilya Mozzhukhin  was born in Russia. He had 3 years working in Game Insight, one of the leading mobile and social gaming company with strong representation in global market.  He is the core member of creating 2D/3D characters and VFX animators in Game Insight. During this time, with the cooperation of his colleagues, about 10 social/mobile games were released such as:

-        Paradise Island: The first game on Android used micropayments, Top #1 Grossing in Android Market in 20 countries for 26 weeks.

-        Crime Story. the member of Featured List in Android Market;

Ilya is now living in Hanoi and working at the 5Desire co-working Place. His current project is a brand new independent social/mobile game.

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